Traditional Amish Food

Submitted by Jake and Ivy on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 12:00pm
Amish homemade baked goods

You can’t visit Amish country without trying real Amish food! Authentic Amish food focuses on fresh, home-grown ingredients. These hearty, filling meals are a true labor of love, whether you’re sitting down for dinner or enjoying a homemade baked good at Amish country B&Bs.

Local Treats

Baked goods are what most people associate with real Amish food. Shoofly pie is a type of molasses pie or cake that originated with the Pennsylvania Dutch and is a perennial local favorite. Traditional fruit pies, as well as homemade ice cream and donuts are also quite popular, and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Homestyle Cooking

Of course, if you work up an appetite while exploring Amish country, there are plenty of traditional homestyle dishes to enjoy. Chipped beef gravy with real mashed potatoes, pot pies, Dutch cabbage rolls, roast beef, broasted chicken, and chicken corn soup are just a few of the delicious menu items you can savor in the area.

While there are certainly plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy Amish-style foods, the best way to enjoy an authentic Amish experience is to tour a working farm or eat a meal in an Amish family’s home. Several families open their homes to tourists throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to try real Amish food in an authentic setting. The blend of culture and dining is the perfect way to better appreciate the Amish lifestyle.